A Swan Song For My Atheist "Friends"

I'm so sorry Jeff but your opinion doesn't count. You see, one of Jeff Lowder's defenders said to me, "those followers you have arent [sic] worth talking about." Seriously though, I do need your encouragement, thanks. I do ponder giving it up almost every single day now. It's enough getting attacked by several Christians who are threatened by my very existence, and much more so by my arguments. You should know that there are several sites set up just for personally maligning me. There are others who have made it their mission to spread lies about me. There have been Christians who have posed as me saying things on websites that are possibly criminal. Some have even openly prayed for me to die. I never know if someone who criticizes me is a Christian posing as an atheist, or an atheist.

I can handle all of this, as maddening as it is, so long as I know there are people who appreciate and understand what I do. But even with this encouragement what I cannot take are atheists who take pot shots at me from behind. That's the final blow. It's just too much. I cannot fight battles on two different fronts. It's psychologically impossible. That's just me. I suspect it would be for most anyone. I also have a very hard time ignoring it. That's just my sorry ass. I don't suffer fools gladly either. So the people who get my wrath are people on my side because they can do the most damage. It's not the mere suggestion that I am wrong. I can learn from my own side, and I have most emphatically. That's why I am the threat that I am. It's the nitpicking. It's the devil's advocacy. It's the non-credentialed hacks. The unaccomplished trolls. The unnamed critics. The know it all's. The ignoramuses. The ones who think I must be doing something wrong precisely because I'm being attacked, who subsequently attack me for being attacked. *Whew* Did you get that? They will respond that it's not because I'm being attacked, no sirree Bob. It's because of how I respond. Okay then, I've got a swan song for these atheists, ready, set, go (be sure to turn up the volume):