The Big Three Atheist Sites I Read Weekly

I'm going to rank these sites, not in the order of their popularity (for if I did then they would be reversed), but which ones I read the most.

#1 The best Network, the one I was a co-founder with Ed Clint, is Skeptic Ink Network. I don't understand why Maria Maltseva is still there when she hasn't posted anything since April, but you need to subscribe and read those awesome writers. Subscribe. Now! Jonathan Pearce writes often and is actually my favorite because of it, although they're all very good.

#2 The Patheos Atheist Channel has a well-rounded list of authors as well. There's just something about Hemant Mehta who writes there. He seems to have a good handle on all things atheist. The Secular Outpost blog of Jeffrey Lowder's is also there where you'll find Keith Parsons.

#3 Then there's Freethought Blogs. I used to blog with them. It doesn't suit my goals as much since it's quite politically oriented, whereas I address Christian apologetics. But it's still good, especially since Richard Carrier and Justin Schieber's Reasonable Doubts podcast is there.

The three best stand alone blogs I read are these:

#1 Why Evolution is True. This is Jerry Coyne's blog which has recently surpassed 25 million hits. Jerry is awesome and my favorite of them all. I especially like the focus on mimicry in nature, which I linked to an example of it just now. I think this speaks loudly in favor of evolution and against creation. Why would God create this mimicry in nature? That doesn't make any sense.

As an aside, Jerry recently said of Sam Harris, which I wholeheartedly agree:
Lots of people seem to vilify Sam for his views, something I don’t fully understand since I think they often distort those views; but one thing can’t be denied: on the debating platform, Sam is the true heir of Christopher Hitchens.
#2 The Atheist Revolution is a great atheist resource too. It's intellectually stimulating, covers recent events, and has frequent posts.

#3 I also read I used to post some items for them. You'll find Valerie Tarico posting there from time to time.

There are others. I don't mean to sleight anyone. It's just that the above sites represent the crème de la crème to me.

What others do you highly recommend? What top three atheist blogs would you recommend (excluding DC of course, which has it's own fine cast of characters)?